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Maine is one of the leading producers of farm raised marine seafood in the country.  In fact on a per acre basis farm raised salmon, oysters and mussels are the most valuable agricultural crops raised in Maine.  Here in Maine not only do we take pride in the fact that we are a leading producer of fresh, healthy, farm raised seafood in the country, but that we are also world leaders in developing new methods of farming seafood to keep our clean, cool Maine waters pristine.

It is the policy of the MAA and its members to act as responsible stewards of the environment. As aquatic farmers, we have a strong vested interest in healthy aquatic ecosystems, high water quality and a clean environment. While recognizing that all human activities have environmental impacts, association members are committed to minimizing possible adverse impacts from their activities.  We seek to promote responsible development and management of the Maine Aquaculture sector in order to assure the production of high quality food while respecting environmental considerations and consumer demands.  It is the policy of MAA and its members to continually seek to achieve long-term economic viability and competitiveness while maintaining our commitment to environmental sustainability and stewardship. 

The Maine Aquaculture Association and its member growers are widely recognized as pioneers in the development of innovative and sustainable farming methods designed to enhance their stewardship of Maine's marine environments. Through a 14-point set of environmental
guiding principles, cooperative bay management and a comprehensive code of practice, Maine’s aquatic farmers are leading the way in a new, environmentally sustainable way to produce seafood.

We farm over ten different species here in the state of Maine. To learn more about the species we farm, please visit the
Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center.

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