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At Sullivan Harbor Farm, they start with fresh Gulf of Maine ocean harvested salmon. As an artisanal smokehouse, Sullivan Harbor Farm  applies traditional old world methods to create smoked seafood    products that are unsurpassed in quality and freshness. Within hours of being harvested, the salmon are trucked directly to Sullivan Harbor Farm where the fillets are then cured using an old world, artisanal Scottish method that involves hand-rubbing the raw salmon in small batches with salt and brown sugar. After six hours, the cured fish are thoroughly rinsed under a cascade of sweet, crystal-clear water that comes directly from their spring-fed well.  After curing, the fillets are cold smoked over a smudge fire of fruit wood in one of their small kilns. Within eight hours, the smoked salmon fillets have a beautiful, thin coral-red crust.  The silky buttery texture of Sullivan Harbor Farm smoked salmon is a gourmet treat.    Sullivan Harbor Farm has received rave reviews from Down East Magazine, Cooks Illustrated, Dean & DeLuca, Martha Stewart, and Metropolitan Home to name a few. Owners and operators, Leslie Harlow, and Joel Frantzman have been long time supporters and members of the Maine Aquaculture Association. Leslie has prepared and donated many beautiful platters to MAA events, the last being the christening of Theo and Fiona de Koning’s mussel harvester, F/V Stewardship by the First Lady, Karen Baldacci in Bar Harbor.

At Sullivan Harbor Farm, they take great pride in maintaining a state-of-the-art facility. Products are regularly tested to insure that their products meet the highest standards for excellence, safety and quality.

We invite you to try their wonderful products!

Sullivan Harbor Farm

1545 US Route 1, Hancock ME  04664


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