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Where You Can Find Maine Farm Raised Seafood Products!

Maine is the largest producer of Farm Fresh salmon in the United States.
Look for these Brands when purchasing Fresh or Frozen Atlantic salmon


Click on the logo for more information on True North Salmon and Heritage Salmon.


Sullivan Harbor Farm is a Downeast Maine artisanal smoke house that takes the time to smoke fish the right way. They use only locally grown salmon. Located close to Acadia National Park’s Schoodic Peninsula, you must stop in and try their smoked salmon. Better yet! Spend a week at one of their Traditional smoking courses. To learn more about Sullivan Harbor Farm, their smoking courses or order their products, click on the logo to the left.

Bait Products:

Harmon Brook Farm and Maine Smelt Hatchery
Harmon Brook Farm and Maine Smelt Hatchery can provide the bait seller or fishermen with everything needed to keep your live bait Alive, including the Bait! They farm a variety of species including :

  • - Rainbow Smelt fry
  • - Golden Shiners
  • - Redfin Shiners
  • - Fathead Minnows
  • - Suckers
  • - Emerald Shiners
  • - Fallfish
  • - Dace

They also carry on line of supplies to meet all of your pond or fish tank maintenance and supply needs. To inquire about or purchase any of their products please contact Harmon Brook Farm at:

Telephone: 207 474-1215


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