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MAA Publications you can view, download and print!

You will need Adobe Reader in order to view all of the documents.

    Aquaculture: Catch the Wave is a brochure that highlights some of the possible career opportunities in the field of aquaculture and provides web resources to learn more about aquaculture.

    Aquaculture Trivia Questions is a set of 16 trivia questions and answers about Maine aquaculture.  How many can you get right?

    Facts or Fiction is a collection of little known facts about Maine aquaculture.  Often people have heard many myths about aquaculture and these facts help to correct those myths.

    MAA Fact Card is a small card with little known facts about aquaculture in the state of Maine.

    Mussels Rafts is a double-sided handout with information on the farming mussels on rafts in the state of Maine.

    MAA Trifold is an informational pamphlet on aquaculture in the state including some fabulous recipes for Maine farmed sea food.

    Nutrition Fact Card is an index card sized handout that compares the nutritional information of Maine Farmed seafood to a variety of other foods.

    Healthy Seafood is a one page document that looks at the beneficial effects of Omega-3ís that are found in Maine farmed salmon, oysters and mussels.

    An Aquaculture Story recounts how salmon and shellfish are farmed in Maine. 


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