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Teacher’s Welcome to the World of Aquaculture!

Aquaculture is a wonderful classroom tool that can be used in many ways from exploring the science of aquaculture to integrated units designed to teach a verity of subjects including: Science, Math, Social Studies, Writing, Reading, Civic Government, and Economics.  If you choose to integrate aquaculture into your classroom only your creativity will set limits on where you can go!

Here at the Maine Aquaculture Association we have worked closely with the Maine Agriculture in the Classroom program to introduce Maine teachers to aquaculture. In addition we are always happy to visit schools and provide guest presentations about aquaculture to any grade level. We have also assembled some resources that are available to teachers and are willing to work with teachers and assist them in finding the resources they need to incorporate aquaculture into their classroom. We have put together a packet for teachers with a variety of information.  Please feel free to
contact us to receive a copy or browse through the resources below.

MAA Informational Pieces

Aquaculture: Catch the Wave is a brochure that highlights some of the possible career opportunities in the field of aquaculture and provides web resources to learn more about aquaculture.

Aquaculture Trivia Questions is a set of 16 trivia questions and answers about Maine aquaculture.  How many can you get right?

Facts or Fiction is a collection of little known facts about Maine aquaculture.  Often people have heard many myths about aquaculture and these facts help to correct those myths.

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Publications page for more informational pieces.

Aquaculture Curricula

Aquaculture in Maine:  A curriculum guide for secondary school teachers
Date: 1996 (it is currently being revised)
Source: Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center
Cost: $25

Title: 5 Module Core Aquaculture Curriculum Set
Date: 1990
Source: National Council for Agricultural Education (The Council)
Cost: $50

Title: The Aquaculture Education Library CD-ROM
Materials: This includes the 5 Module Core Aquaculture Curriculum Set, Model Aquaculture Recirculating System, Producing Catfish, Stripped Bass, Biotechnology Applications in Aquaculture, Aquaculture as Sustainable Agriculture, 13 How to Topics (Mini Recirculating Systems, Tiliapia Reproduction and Growth in Educational Environments, Aquaponics in the Classroom, Mathematics Applications in Aquaculture, Science Applications in Aquaculture, Aquarium Aquaculture in Educational Environments, Safety in Aquaculture Education Laboratories, Aquaculture Resource Guide, Laboratory Activities for Aquaculture Education, Marketing Aquaculture Products, Aquaculture Is…, Aquaculture Education: Applied Learning, Look into  Aquaculture) and materials on: Baitfish, Carp, Crawfish Farming, Ornamental and Tropical (species) Aquaculture, Plant Aquaculture, Red Drum, Salmon, Saltwater Shrimp, Shellfish Culture, Sturgeon, Tilapia, Trout, Walleye, and Yellow Perch.
Source: National Council for Agricultural Education (The Council)
Cost: $120

Title: Aquaculture Curricula Resource Guide: A Resource Tool for the Aquaculture Educator
Date: 2001
Material: A review of selected Aquaculture Curricula and a list of non-reviewed resources
Source: Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture and New England Board of Higher Education
Cost: Free

Aquaculture Web Links

The Sound School
Material: This is a regional aquaculture vocational school in Conneticut

Site: Herring Gut Learning Center
Material: Herring Gut Learning Center (HGLC) is a non-profit marine education center located in the small fishing village of Port Clyde, Maine. Herring Gut programs teach marine science, geology, coastal ecology, and aquaculture to area students ages 5-18.

Site: Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center
Material: Information on aquaculture in the state of Maine.

Site: AquaNIC (Aquaculture Network Information Center)
Material: A wide variety of links to aquaculture links on the web. There is a section for educators including a great selection of links to sites of digital images.

Site: New England Sea Grant
Material: Links to all of the sea grant sites in New England.  This site also has a variety of material on education of marine science.

Site: National Agricultural Statistics Service
Material: If you go to the census page you can access the data from the 1998 aquaculture census. Also under the Kids page there are general agriculture lesson plans and activities.

Site: The National Council for Agricultural Education
Material: Information on how to order their two curriculums

Site: Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture Aquaculture Page
Material: A good site for general information. In particular see the white paper, which summarizes both marine and fresh water aquaculture in the state. Also this site is where you go to download the Aquaculture Curricula Resource Guide for free.

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