Salmon Named the Most Nutritious Food at “The Big E”.

Each year in September, the Maine Aquaculture Association (MAA) participates in the largest fair in the Northeastern United States held in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Over 1,525,613 fairgoers passed through the gates last year during the 17 days of the fair. The MAA exhibit is made up of a replica of an old Downeast smokehouse from which we sell smoked salmon kabobs and homemade draft root beer to raise funds for the association. We also use the venue to distribute educational materials and answer any questions the public may have about what our members do or the food that they grow.

In 2008, the MAA and smoked salmon won a big victory! As part of the Big E, Kim Bensen, a nationally known diet editor and Weight Watcher’s spokesperson put together the Big E Guilt Free guide for fairgoers. Working with a certified nutritionist, Ms. Bensen reviewed all the food at the fair and picked the MAA smoked salmon kabobs as the #1 healthiest, most nutritious food at the fair. Each smoked salmon has 240 calories and counts for only 1 weight watchers point. The award got a lot of local and regional publicity, helped identify salmon as a reasonably priced healthy food and increased MAA salmon sales, which helps us keep membership dues down. We are now known as the “Maine healthy food booth”.

We are currently remodeling Sebastian’s Smokehouse! We’re sorry for the inconvenience.